I'm a contributing member

Information about pension schemes can be complicated. This website has been designed to help you understand everything you need to know about the ScottishPower Pension Scheme (SPPS) - ‘the Scheme’. It includes details of how much you and your employer pay in, the benefits you can get from the Scheme and instructions on what to do if your circumstances change.

This section of the website is for contributing members only. If you are no longer in pensionable service and not yet receiving your pension you should visit the section for deferred members.

If you are receiving your pension from the Scheme, you should visit the section for retired members.

The Scheme has three Benefits Sections:
1. The ScottishPower Benefits Section
2. The ESPS Benefits Section
3. The FSLP Benefits Section

Some of the benefits under the Scheme are different depending on the Benefits Section of which you are a member. For more information about the benefits in each section please refer to the Member Guide.

You can obtain an illustrative transfer value or illustrative early retirement quotations by logging into Mercer's online member portal, www.benpal.com (If you require log in details, you can request these by contacting the Mercer helpline numbers). For some members, due to complexities in the way your benefits are calculated, you will be unable to view illustrative figures on Benpal. If this is the case, you should contact the pension scheme administrator, Mercer, to request a transfer value quotation.

You should consider taking independent financial advice before making any decision which could affect your pension. ScottishPower and the Trustee cannot give you individual financial advice. You can find out more about using an adviser on the MoneyHelper website.