How do I take my benefits?

Your deferred pension stays in the Scheme until you reach your normal pension age. You will have been told the value of your pension when you left the Scheme. It is revalued each year to help it keep pace with inflation.

You can obtain an illustrative transfer value and retirement quotation by logging into Mercer's online member portal, (If you require log in details, you can request these by contacting the Mercer helpline numbers). For some members, due to complexities in the way your benefits are calculated, you will be unable to view illustrative figures on Benpal. If this is the case, you should contact the pension scheme administrator, Mercer, to request a quotation of your benefits.

You can find the current value of your benefits on the secure pension portal. The pension scheme administrator will write to you shortly before your normal pension age with details of your retirement options. It’s therefore important to make sure that you keep your address details up to date and notify us when you move house.

If you wish, you can request to take your pension at any time from age 55; however this is subject to Trustee approval. If your request for early retirement is approved, your pension will be reduced to account for the additional time that the pension is expected to be paid.

Alternatively, you can transfer the cash value of your deferred pension to another pension arrangement. You can find out more here.