What if I get divorced?

In the event your marriage or civil partnership breaks down, the courts have the power to share out pension benefits as part of a couple’s assets.

The court can choose to:

  • Offset the value of your pension benefits against your share of the other assets;
  • Earmark a share of your pension benefits so that when the benefits start, part must be paid to your ex-partner;
  • Make a sharing order against your Scheme pension - in this case, your own share of the pension remains in the Scheme and the value of your ex-partner’s share will be transferred out of the Scheme.

The Scheme may make a charge for providing information requested by the court.

If you need pension information for your divorce/dissolution of your civil partnership, please contact the pension scheme administrator. It is also recommended that you update your Nomination for Lump Sum Life Assurance Benefit Form.