What happens if I die?


The Scheme continues to offer financial protection for your dependants on your death after retirement by providing:

  • A five year pension guarantee - If you die before you have received five years’ instalments of your pension (other than on the grounds of ill health), the Scheme will pay a cash sum equal to the outstanding pension payments for the remainder of five years.
  • Cash sum - If you die after retiring due to ill health, the Scheme will provide a lump sum Life Assurance payment equal to 4 x your Pensionable Salary at the date you retired less any pension instalments (excluding increases) and lump sum already paid to you.
  • A pension for your Spouse or Dependant - A pension for your Spouse or a Dependant equal to two thirds of your pension at the date of your death before you gave up any pension for other options.
  • Children’s allowances - The Scheme will pay pensions to your Eligible Children on death in retirement in the same way as on death in service