What happens if I die?


If you die after leaving the Scheme but before your pension has started, the following benefits may be payable:

  • A cash sum equal to the aggregate of the cash sum you could have received when your pension was due to start and 5 x the amount of your remaining annual Deferred Pension or, if higher, your total contributions (contributions paid for Added Years are excluded) with interest to date of death;
  • A pension for your Spouse/Civil Partner/Dependant equal to two thirds of your Deferred Pension, including any increases it has received up to the date of your death;
  • A pension for your Eligible Children, provided that they were born before you left service calculated on the same basis as for death in service.

The Trustee has discretion in certain circumstances to pay all or part of the pension to someone other than your Spouse or Civil Partner, who is financially dependent on you or a person with whom you cohabited and were financially interdependent with in order to maintain a standard of living which depended on your joint income. If you would like the Trustee to consider a Dependant for this benefit, please include details on the Dependant's Pension Nomination Form. A Dependant can include a partner or any other financially dependent member of your family.